RoadtripinIndia – Srikanth’s Traveldiaries

RoadtripinIndia – Srikanth’s Traveldiaries

I am a Learning Professional with a passion for travelling and exploring new places during my Travel.

My work has taken me to the Romantic Switzerland and the wonderful Ireland for business meetings.

I happened to also take a few days off to visit France, London among other cities.

These breaks actually brought the hidden travel bug in me and this website is an effort to capture my travel journeys.

This is also an effort to connect with like minded Travel Enthusiasts, provide a platform for budding travel buddies to share their travelogues.

This passion of mine has seen a Renault Duster join me along with a Nikon D900 (Point to Shoot) to capture my travel journey.

Another view with the Duster

My first road trip on the Duster was to my native which is around 400 kms from Hyderabad.

The first long distance was to Goa in Duster, followed by Ooty.

Enroute Ooty somewhere close to Masinagudi – RoadtripinIndia

Serious road-trip with my first Trans-Himalayan road-trip was in September 2017 to Spiti.

RoadtripinIndia is a new version of TravelwithSrikanth.

As I look to explore India on wheels in an efficient way and explore the country I call HOME!

Roadtrip to Gandikota

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