CPTD – Certified Professional in Talent Development : The Journey Starts!


This is an attempt of mine in trying to pen down my preparation and the progress between now and the certification date.

After 15 years of Learning experience and a couple of years of research and exploring on which certification would help me and add value to to the organization and to stakeholders, I zeroed in on CPTD (previously CPLP) offered by Association of Talent Development.

CPTD Certification (Copyright www.td.org)

With a certification in mind and trying to understand the time commitment and the difficult times in 2020, I decided to sit for it in 2021.

The first step to be looked at by anyone looking to attempt the CPTD certification is to check for the content and take a sample exam on the ATD portal to understand what is the proficiency and take the gap assessment that has to be focused on.

All about CPTD Certification

You are tested in the CPTD certification on the below domains:

ATD Capability Model - ATD Golden Gate Chapter - San Francisco
All Rights Reserved by ATD (Copyright www.td.org)

With the step one done, the next step(s) are:

  1. ATD Membership (this would cost you anywhere between $210 – $350 depending on the type of international membership you chose)
  2. Head over to ATD website to look for the CPTD Certification handbook that would outline the detailed curriculum / test pattern, sample questions, reference resources
  3. CPTD being the new format of the certification, there is not much resources available on the internet, hence, you would need to heavily bank on ATD for reference and material which is a good thing as most of it comes to you from one source
  4. Purchase TDBok (Talent Development Body of Knowledge) which is roughly 260 pages and covers details of the three domains covering the 23 capabilities that you would be tested upon as per the Talent Development Capability Model (Tip: you may not require the hard copy, you can print the TDBok for your personal study purpose as you prepare)
  5. Since childhood, I have always believed in group study and a certification which not just tests you knowledge but the actual application of the knowledge that you have gained over years, needs you to be a part of a study group

You can know your preparedness here and create a learning plan.

My Experiences

Over the last few weeks of me finalizing to start my preparation for the CPTD Certification:

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  1. Purchasing a CPTD Study OneNote gave me a very high-level of all the parts and a start to my weekly planning
  2. The OneNote gave me a structure to start without fumbling for a starting point
  3. You have good resources listed out in the CPTD study guide, as we are working professionals, it might not be possible to read all the books recommended,
  4. You can look at GetAbstract for most of those books and those that I couldnt get my hand on, ATD’s Library came to the rescue
  5. A good find as I was searching for the book summary / books online is O’Reilly, most of the ATD books would be available here including the ones you would not find openly on google (they have a trail period of 10 days post which you can obtain subscription per month or quarterly)
  6. Do follow is Kara Reed, she is kind enough to share in her blog posts about her preparation and detailed mind-maps that she has created as a study-aid


I have joined a study group recently, timing is a bit of a challenge for me as I am not a early morning person, but changing a few habits would definitely help maybe!

Looking to sign-off for now with a feeling of going back to school and starting my reading on the various domains for certification.

I will share my experience / any snippets over the weeks as I progress into the student mode and start studying!

Until then, please share your thoughts / questions and would be happy to answer them! / let us connect on https://twitter.com/Sri_Learning (My Professional Twitter Handle)

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  1. CPDT sounds an interesting one, looking forward to decode your journey as it happens.

  2. Abha Singh says:

    Very useful post for people who are planning to do this certification or any other. Following a proper study plan really help to complete these kinds of certification.

  3. MeenalSonal says:

    CPTD certification has all the indepth knowledge of the subject. Good luck with th ecertification.

  4. Aesha says:

    Thanks for sharing information about the certification. I will check out more details about it.This should help my clients who come to me for their career counselling.

  5. Deepa says:

    CPTD certification sounds good. I have not heard about it before. All the best to you for this.

  6. The Siriusgram says:

    Perfect guide and wonderful tips for those who want to get a CPTD certification 🙂 also great suggestion on joining a study group and use one note as organiser ! Great stuff.

    1. Learning the One Note in a better sense… Study group is very helpful with teach back every week and making it fun while learning

  7. richamina says:

    wow, thanks for sharing it with us i’ll also check it out to enhance my skills.

  8. Never heard about CPTD certification. I will definitely read more about if.

  9. Neha Sharma says:

    I had no idea about this certification course. You are on the right path. Wishing you very best for the journey.

  10. Aurora M says:

    This is new to me. But I think in the past one year , there was lots of new things also have learnt specially online.
    Even I did few short courses on Podcasting and Sleep patterns. So I can relate to it.
    Best wishes to you.
    Keep sharing

  11. Tina S says:

    This is so resourceful! #MyFriendAlexa #TinasPicks

  12. Suchita says:

    It’s always a bit challenging to study as an adult. So happy to know you have been finding ways to make the journey smoother for you.

  13. Thanks for sharing this.. Would like to know more on this. Looking forward to more of your posts.

  14. CPTD certification was completely new and thanks for sharing.

  15. Good luck to you. I had no clue about this so thanks for this knowledgeable read 🙂

  16. Ninu Nair says:

    I didn’t know about this course. My best wishes to you and thanks for sharing this information.

  17. Charu says:

    I had no clue about this. Very informative

  18. Geethica says:

    A structure is very important to understand the course and how you are going to divide your the time. Your post has the relevant information about the course.

  19. Saba ladha says:

    This is very interesting and indeed a useful post

  20. Sweta says:

    I was totally about this certification. All the best for that.

  21. Atulmaharaj says:

    I didn’t know about this. Wishing you best for the exams, and a party after the certification!

    1. Thanks Atul bhai…. Need to start preparing more intensely..

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