My trip to Ooty – Travelogue

It was second half of May and was planning to get onto a Duster drive… Well the travel bug in me was itching to get behind the wheel and drive to a lovely location.Started exploring options among- Ooty, Aaraku, Madhikeri, Coorg and was a difficult choice as each had their own uniqueness. Was looking for that…… Continue reading My trip to Ooty – Travelogue

Hyderabad Long Weekend Getaways

As I am based in Hyderabad, India, will focus on this blog on exciting long weekend getaways particularly with one not very far off in August.#Traveldiaries recommend these jewels which are between 800kms to as close as 150-170 kms from Hyderabad.Ooty, Tamilnadu: To start with is the most sought after location but let me warn…… Continue reading Hyderabad Long Weekend Getaways

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