Roadtrip to Offbeat places in Andhra Pradesh

Offbeat Destinations in Andhra Pradesh

Most of us feel that there are no or very less offbeat places to visit over a weekend or long weekend from Hyderabad. While this is a bit true, but not completely,

I would be constantly updating this with all offbeat places with wonderful routes or less touristy but with a request for those reading this blog-post to maintain the place and not litter around.

The destinations are spread in Andhra Pradesh under 500 kilometres which would be a decent medium road-trip for you to explore at your pace.

Andhra Pradesh Off-Beat Destinations

While there are many destinations, I am listing below the Places that come to my mind and are in the distance mentioned above and I would be constantly updating this post with more information at regular intervals!

Hamsaladeevi Beach comes top on the list for me, this is a beach close to Machalipatnam and is not explored much other than by locals due to the only reason that there are no amenities for people to stay / have any food options.

Here is my travelogue to Hamsaladeevi Beach

You can stay overnight at Vijayawada and start early in the morning at around 3:30/4:00 am to reach Hamsaladeevi in time for a wonderful sunrise.

  • Hamsaladeevi beach
  • Hamsaladeevi Beavh

After Hamsaladeevi, comes Gandikota!


Gandikota is next in the list with its gorge and camping ground. Haritha Resort of AP Tourism here and you can get decent meals at this place.

You can explore Gandikota, Yaganti, Belum caves and Orvakul when you plan this trip.

For details of Gandikota Camping trip:

  • Gandikota


Dindi is the next in the list which is in the Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

AP Tourism’s Haritha Resort has a property here which is no less than some of the well renowed resorts in the area.

Food is decent and the resort is Godavari facing with boating options.

How to get to Dindi?

If you are driving, the distance is a little over 450 kms from Hyderabad and is a four lane national highway until Tanuku where you take a diversion.

What to do in Dindi?

Dindi is known for the Godavari and coconut groves “Konaseema” belt of Andhra Pradesh.

  • The main attractions are staying among the coconut groves and exploring Godavari river
  • Antarvedi beach is a close by beach where River Godavari meets the Bay of Bengal, again a good place to view Sunrise in the mornings

Special Mention: Lambasingi

Lambasingi is known as the Kashmir of South in Andhra Pradesh.

Places that you should not miss:

  • Kothapally Waterfalls: Kothapalli is a village in Gangaraju Madugula Mandal, near Paderu in Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Strawberry and Dragon Fruit farms: Lambasingi has a new identity in addition to its near zero temperatures.
  • Strawberry, Apple and Dragon Fruit variants are being cultivated here, should you visit this place, ensure you talk to a few locals and not miss visiting these farms
Map of Lambasingi Region

How to get to Lambasingi?

Lambasingi is connected through APSRTC busses from Rajahmundry, Aaraku, Visakhapatnam and Rampachodavaram.

Best way to get to Lambasingi is in own vehicle or booking a taxi either from Rajahmundry or Vishakapatnam.

If driving from Hyderabad, follow the Hyderabad – Bhadrachalam – Lambasingi route:

Where to Stay in Lambasingi?

Try talking to the farm land owners and explore possibilities of pitching your own tent savoring the local Bamboo chicken or opt for Andhra Pradesh Tourism Haritha Resort which has tents pitched.

The accommodation would be basic but you would be awe-struck for the country side food.

Starting with these four locations that I found fascinating and would be adding more destinations that would definitely leave you awestruck as you visit them.

Until my next blog post, this is Srikanth signing off!!

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Andhra Pradesh Offbeat Destinations
Andhra Pradesh Offbeat Destinations

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  1. I had never heard of Dindi, Lambasingi or Gandikota. There are amazing places like these that we still do not know about in our country. Love the detailed post. Extremely informative and well researched.

  2. Familiar names in this post l. However a tad sad i haven’t been to any of them inspite of visiting Vijayawada every summer vacations when I was younger. Let’s hope there are opportunities in the near future.
    Lovely images, maps, directions on how to get to a place and personal suggestions. Good travel blog.

  3. First off, the pictures are just amazing!

    I’ve been wanting to go to Gandikota, but somehow, that hasn’t happened yet. Love your detailed touring & explanation equally, Srikanth.

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