Spiti Circuit – Day Three

 Day Three of Spiti Circuit Please Read Day One and Two here: Spiti Circuit – Day One & Spiti Circuit – Day TWO Reaching Kalpa on Day Two was a bit of a challenge from Reckong Peo with Google recommending the shortest possible route thorough very small lanes into which the XUV hardly fitted in. Finally made … Continue reading Spiti Circuit – Day Three

Spiti Circuit – Day TWO

Spiti Circuit - Day Two Spiti Circuit is a wonderful drive and do read the Part One from Delhi to Shimla here: Spiti Circuit Day One All excited about the trip and the drive next day, we woke up to a wonderful view at Shimla during our stay at The Bodhi Tree BnB. We got ready, … Continue reading Spiti Circuit – Day TWO

Kerala Travelogue 2013 Memories

Rewinding my memories of 2013 which saw me travel to Kerala with family.We booked by Indigo airlines and finalised two destinations in #Kerala gods own country.We travelled Hyderabad - Cochin and took a prepaid taxi from there onto Kumarakam where we booked the first part of our stay at Taj Kumarakom.We reached the back waters … Continue reading Kerala Travelogue 2013 Memories

My trip to Ooty – Travelogue

It was second half of May and was planning to get onto a Duster drive... Well the travel bug in me was itching to get behind the wheel and drive to a lovely location.Started exploring options among- Ooty, Aaraku, Madhikeri, Coorg and was a difficult choice as each had their own uniqueness. Was looking for that … Continue reading My trip to Ooty – Travelogue