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Ubud, Bali – Important points to plan your stress-free holiday

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Ubud, Bali!

Ubud in Bali, Indonesia is the culturally rich destination with multiple options for visitors.

At times, you get into a question if Bali is the only place that you could visit in Indonesia and I would say after my travel in January 2020, that it is not, it is definitely famous for the variety it has on offer.

Indonesia is the 14th largest country in the world, has around 17,000 islands and around 700 regional languages!

The largest Island country in the world!

Starting our Journey from Denpasar International Airport

On the final approach to Denpasar Airport, Bali

We started our journey from Denpasar International Airport in the hotel cab we asked for.

Considering our first international family trip, we wanted to start off on a positive note!

Now with all the planning, you tend to hit a roadblock as we missed out on Forex Exchange and we had problems in withdrawing cash at the ATM machines at the airport.

Our Chauffeur was very helpful to help in finding a working ATM, a relieving moment that we were able to withdraw!

We stayed at Elements by Westin Bali, Ubud and was a good property, centrally located with good buffet and ala-carte.

The stay was good with no major challenges and felt was economical to look for places around too.

Coming to planning your trip to Ubud in Bali!

Duration in Ubud, Bali

We stayed for 3D/2N at Ubud and felt it was not too sufficient for looking around the places around Ubud itself.

As the destination has good places to explore we had left out a few places for a second visit.

I would recommend you:

Getting around in Ubud, Bali

Within the limits of Ubud, if you are looking at strolling places, you could request for cycles as the roads are narrow.

Alternatively, most hotels have motorbikes / mopeds on hire which can be opted for nominal rents.

If you are looking at exploring slightly far-off places, you could hire a cab/taxi to take you around.

We arranged a taxi through the front desk and the experience was good and am sharing the contact details here.

They are UBUD locals and the father-son duo are fun to travel with as they take good effort in sharing more details of culture and places to visit.

Local Attractions in and around Ubud

The Google map below outlines all major attractions that you should not miss on your Ubud visit!

I have tried capturing the most famous places of attraction in Google Maps for you to plan your trip effectively.

Goa Gajeh, Ubud, Bali

Our typical day started at around 06:00 hours with the sun slowly rising and a bit of swimming to head to our breakfast at the restaurant.

We started on our trip out of the hotel property around 09:30 and realized that the sun has decided to burn us on day one!

I would recommend that you start out around 06:00 hours from your hotel and try mapping out your day plan from the farthest place of attraction to the closest to your hotel area. This would be something which we did on day two and really enjoyed as you tend to get tired by evening under Bali Sun!

Should you feel, I missed out on any places and would recommend them to be added, please share your inputs in the comments section of this blog post.

Where to Stay in Ubud

Staying in Ubud is a wonderful experience.

You would be able to bump into properties ranging from B&B to premium hotels in the region.

Here are a few recommendations and you could select hotel/resort basis your budget requirements:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Food Options for Vegetarians in Ubud

We have been vegetarians all our life and have not experienced even egg and anywhere out of India,

We started our journey with this worry that food may end up being a challenge.

Happy time as the chef at Elements by Westin were accommodating to understand our diet options and plan accordingly.

We enjoyed simple yet nourishing vegetarian food options like Nasi Goreng which is rice with vegetables minus the egg along with rice cake as accompaniments.

Planning your Itinerary

We followed the below itinerary while visiting various places of attraction

Do read through this post by Breathing Travel for Offbeat Bali

The link above captures the day wise plan for you to consider as you plan your Ubud itinerary!

Recommendations to plan your Itinerary:

Our friend from Ubud, Wayin who took us around Ubud- +6281339024040

Our Recommendations of the places:

Plan far-off places to start with and then head over to the places closer to the place you stay!

Detailed Plan:

Day One:

Day Two:

After a wonderful day one, I would recommend the below for your day two:

Penestanan Stairs leading to Penestanan village

Must Carry Items:

Finally, my experience and recommendation is a stay of around two – three days to explore the places around so that you could see the city at leisure and not to rush around.

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